Butcher Knife Sharp Bone Chopper

Butcher Knife Sharp Bone Chopper

The unique feature of this butcher knife is that it is sharpened manually. The experienced workers have done the sharpening with the help of a grinder, and they guarantee the sharpness to cut meat smoothly in your desired shape and size. The material is heated multiple times in various ways, and different temperature ranges to make it durable and strong enough. It will last for years and will not lose its sharpness. And if you take a little care, neither will it get rust nor corrosion.

 A reliable handmade, forged clad steel is used to make this ultra-sharp knife. The carbon content of the steel is high and the rivet fixing G10 handle with integrated steel shank is affixed to the knife to provide a firm grip, easy access. The design of the handle enables you to hold it tightly and to exert optimum pressure for achieving even and neat cuts.

It is 16.5 cm long, 10.5 cm wide and 0.5 cm thick, and it weighs 440gm. The package contains one bone chopper and one knife sheath. This portable sheath is specially designed so that you can tie it to your waist.

Butcher Knife Sharp Bone Chopper

This chopper is perfect for home or restaurant use. Since the manufacturer emphasized on its sharpness, you will get neat slices of meat and bone quickly. Having a good sharp knife in the kitchen lessens your preparation time as you don’t have to struggle with the desired shape and size of the pieces. With it, you will get proper shapes of the ingredients, and you will feel motivated to cook the dish as the preparation for cooking gone well.

It will help you to make the small get together at home with your friends and family more delightful with delicious dishes tried from the internet or cookery shows.

You will save time with it as ingredients cutting appropriate patterns is not a hard task anymore.

The Sharpness Of The Butcher Knife Is Guaranteed

The workers with years of experience on knife making made it with a manual sharpening method using the natural grinder. Based on their long experiences, the sharpness is guaranteed. It has undergone a different temperature to balance the tenacity and rigidity. The steel used to make it has high carbon content. So, you need to pay special attention to the cleaning process. Avoid using acidic or alkaline cleaning solutions. Instead, wipe it with a dry cloth and clean it after use every time. Clean it with cooking oil if it were inside the storage for quite some time.

Fastens Your Preparation

It will make your meal preparation more convenient and faster with smooth cutting and chopping. Another advantage is that it will neither rust nor corrode. The cleaning is super easy too. Remember to clean it whenever you use it with a dry and soft cloth.

The handle will provide you with a comfortable and firm grip to achieve nice shapes of the ingredients at your desired size.

You can hang it inside a leather case so that the children’s hands can’t reach there.

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