Cooking Timer -Simple and Easy - Cooking Timer -Simple and Easy -

Cooking Timer -Simple and Easy

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Using a Cooking Timer is simple. There are lots of methods, from wired timers to digital timers. A basic digital timer can be set up to turn itself off and start to run when the desired time for cooking has come around. A lot of chefs prefer these simple timers because they are easy to use, and all you have to do is set the time you want your food cooked.

Cooking Timer

Cooking Timer -Simple and Easy
Cooking Timer -Simple and Easy

Many cooks prefer wired timers because they are simple to use, and most people are familiar with them. You simply plug the unit in before you go to bed, and it will automatically wake you up. The very best way to use a cooking timer is to read it while you are cooking, or right before you set it.

Magnetic Timers are also called ‘motion on-magnetic’ timers. With a magnetic timer, a sensor turns on and turns off as the timer is reached, and this is then used to guide the person cooking what you want to be done in advance.

Different Types Of Cooking Timer

There are many different types of magnetic timers, including but not limited to: rotary, voice, touch, and spray. For the purpose of this article, we’ll concentrate on the rotary type.

Rotate the wheel to the ‘pointy’ end (pointy for the side facing away from you). While your food is cooking, you can turn the small dial to make your food cook for a longer period of time. This is called ‘radiating heat’.

Although the timer itself does not “see” the food you’re cooking, it does know when it is finished cooking. It runs for a certain number of minutes, and after that, it switches itself off. The cook can decide how long it’s going to take.

Magnetic timers can be bought as ‘Push’Pull’ type. Pull timers work on the same principles as non-magnetic timers. However, there is one difference.

Magnetic timers require both hands to be on the dial while you are cooking. This means that if you are using the timer to help you set the table. Then one of your hands may be busy doing something else. While the other hand may be concentrating on the timer. In order to avoid this, use the pull-type magnetic timer, which is activated by the rotation of the handle. (there is a small spring connected to the handle to keep it in place).

Caution For Cooking Timer

One word of caution here: if you cook with a pull-type timer, then you may wish to keep your hands off the dial while cooking. Or make sure that there is someone to check your watch if you must use it while cooking. It’s easy to drop the magnetron, and when you don’t see the ‘turning off’ light, you can accidentally crank it off by accident.

Magnetic timers that are meant to be ‘Push’ timers are the simplest to use. In this case, you simply turn the button clockwise until the light comes on, then flip it counter-clockwise.

Bottom Line

Cooking Timer -Simple and Easy
Cooking Timer -Simple and Easy

Magnetic timers can be used to keep track of the progress of your cooking. The good thing about magnetic timers is that the food will be cooked to the exact amount of time it should be. Regardless of how long it takes to cook the rest of the meal. To avoid accidents like that, make sure to check the food that you are cooking at least once before it is done.

Magnetic timers can also be used to make sure that everything in the kitchen is properly clean. All you have to do is turn the dial clockwise until the light comes on, then flip it counter-clockwise. Check every piece of equipment to make sure that you have done the cleaning properly.

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