How To Cook The Perfect Steak Grill - How To Cook The Perfect Steak Grill -

How To Cook The Perfect Steak Grill

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Sometimes we buy a piece of meat to give us a great treat in our house, but the results differ from those of a restaurant. The cooks have the keys. So here are the steps to cook the steak grill well at home.

  1. Heat the iron grill or pan over high heat until it is very hot.
  2. Brush meat slightly with some oil of olive and seasoning with salt and pepper, preferably freshly ground.
  3. Do not cook more than two steaks at a time, and keep them well separate. If more than two fillets are add to the pan at the same time, the temperature will drop, and the steak will become stew, instead of frying.
  4. Do not turn the fillets until good scorch marks are achieve, then turn them over and cook on the other side.
  5. It must be left the meat for about 3 minutes before serving, to allow the juices that have been create to the surface to rest again in the meat. 

To make a perfect steak grill, you have to follow these three golden standards.

Meat Should Never Be Cold: How To Cook The Perfect Steak Grill

How To Cook The Perfect Steak Grill
How To Cook The Perfect Steak Grill

The first rule that we must always keep in mind is that the meat before being cook must be at room temperature. If we cook a steak as it comes out of the fridge, it will be impossible for us to be juicy because the meat will not cook evenly.

The Iron Must Be Very Hot

Although the ideal instrument for preparing meat in a gas or ceramic hob is iron. Moreover, it can also be done perfectly in a pan. The important thing is that it is as hot as possible. If the piece that we are going to cook has leftover fat, the ideal way is to use it to spread it on the iron. If not, we should take a few drops of olive oil. It starts to burn at around 200 degrees. So the ideal is to throw the meat just before that temperature is reach.

We Just Have To Go Around: How To Cook The Perfect Steak Grill

Meat should always be made first on one side and then on the other. This seems obvious, but many people devote themselves to dizzy fillets. They pass each face several times through the iron, which causes the piece to lose all juiciness.

The cooking point is a matter of taste and varies greatly depending on the thickness of the piece. If we want to under cook meat, we must cook on each side of the piece over high heat. Moreover, you should remove it from the fire before the interior is made. If we want it to the point or very done, we will do the same. However, after browning each side, we will lower the heat. Then leave the meat for a while to cook it from inside, to our liking.

And The Salt?

How To Cook The Perfect Steak Grill
How To Cook The Perfect Steak Grill

There are many theories about salt, but the important thing is not to throw it before preparing the meat. Some prefer to add salt when we first turn the steak. There is no real difference between both versions. If you want to find out more about grilling perfect steak, you can go visit this great article.

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