How To Make Perfect And Delicious Skillet Rib-eye Steaks


What is your reaction when we told you the very best and tasty stovetop skillet rib-eye steak of your life could be cooked within 50 minutes, with only 4-5 ingredients and 10 minutes of hands-on cooking? Yes, it’s right! Here we share with you a recipe to cook skillet rib-eye steaks within 50 minutes. 

When you want a no-fuss, delicious steak with a juicy center and crust crisp, these three tips prove helpful to you. With these tips, you can perfectly cook steaks. 

How To Make Perfect And Delicious Skillet Rib-eye Steaks
How To Make Perfect And Delicious Skillet Rib-eye Steaks

Skillet Rib-eye Steaks- Here’s How To Prepare:

  • The recipe is all about the steak. So, it would be best if you buy 1 1/4 to 1 1/2-inch bone for this recipe. Moreover, if you are unable to find them readily available in the market, then you can order this size to your butcher. 
  • Once you get the desired size of bones, you need to place the steaks onto the dish and then add the stone house seasoning. If you don’t have a stone house seasoning, then you can add other spices like cloves, turmeric, black pepper, and chili flakes in steaks. Stone seasoning is optional, but it enhances the taste of steaks. 
  • After seasoning the steaks with stone house seasoning, sprinkle the chopped fresh rosemary at the top of each rib eye. But if you don’t have fresh rosemary, then you can skip it. Your rib-eye is still fantastic, but rosemary only just makes it more delicious!
  • It would be great if you cover your rib eyes and keep in the refrigerator for at least two hours. But if you have no time to refrigerate them for 2 hours, then you can keep them at room temperature before cooking. 
How To Make Perfect And Delicious Skillet Rib-eye Steaks
How To Make Perfect And Delicious Skillet Rib-eye Steaks
  • Now you are ready to cook, heat your frying pan over a light flame, and then mix olive oil or butter to the pan. You can use the mixture of both the olive oil and butter here. But if you use butter, then remember to use unsalted butter because stone house seasoning contains kosher butter. 
  • When your butter has mixed with olive oil, tilt your pan to make sure that the olive oil and butter mixture is well coated on steaks. 
  • After that, add your steaks properly to the hot frying pan and cook until caramelized and dark brown on the bottom, about 6-7 minutes. Once steaks are caramelized, cook it for another 5 minutes for a medium-rare steak. 
  • Pull out the steak from the skillet and place it on a carving board to rest for 6-7 minutes. Serve the steak with grain and eliminate the bones for serving. Usually, you will serve one steak to two people, however, you can use your own calculation for serving here. Moreover, don’t forget to garnish with chopped onions and limes. 

Double-Sided Mallet Meat Tenderizer

Image result for Double Sided Mallet Meat Tenderizer
How To Make Perfect And Delicious Skillet Rib-eye Steaks

Try this mallet tenderizer to make food preparation more easy and fun. It is dual-sided that helps you to make your meat more flattened and soft. 

To conclude, these are the simple and 50 minutes recipe to make delicious and flavorful skillet eye rib steaks. So, try this recipe at home and enjoy it with your family!

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