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Some Best Steakhouse Of America You Must Visit

Some Best Steakhouse Of America You Must Visit

Love juicy steaks? You must visit top steakhouses in America.

Gordon Ramsey’s One Minute Rib Eye Steak

We’ve all probably heard of Gordon Ramsey. He’s the host of Masterchef US and Hell’s Kitchen. He’s an amazing chef and is the king of the kitchen. It’s smart to trust him and his advice when it comes to the kitchen. He recently released a tutorial on how to cook the perfect ribeye steak in just one minute. It’s a blessing because a rib eye steak is a simple yet elegant dish. Why go to a restaurant when you can cook it yourself, at home? Here is his world-famous recipe. Good luck!

How to Perfectly Cook a Beef Steak

You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant when you’re craving for a piece of steak. They tend to be expensive and not at par with your preferences. There are different ways for you to perfectly cook a steak from the comforts of your own home. This saves you money and you have to […]

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