The Classic Steak Tartare Recipe For Home

The Classic Steak Tartare Recipe For Home

People love to have exotic dishes. People across the globe just love to have dishes that are rare and uncommon. Classic Steak Tartare is a delicious dish. There are so many dishes which are popular all over the world. Cuisines like Japanese, continental, Thai, Indian, and Chinese are some of the most renowned and loved cuisines. People spend money to have a taste of all of them.

Nonvegetarian dishes are loved all across the world; people love to have fishes, chicken, mutton, and also beef. Beef is a particular favorite of people. It is cheap and healthy. Everyone can easily afford it.

Everyone just loves to have meat, especially beef. It is healthy and tasty at the same time. People just love to have it every now and then. Tartare is one of such amazing dishes that we will be preparing today and help you make them at your homes too.

The Classic Steak Tartare Recipe For Home
The Classic Steak Tartare Recipe For Home

Ingredients- Classic Steak Tartare

The following are the things which you will need to prepare the dish. You can also change the quantity of the ingredients according to your taste and not necessarily take as prescribed in the list below.

·        medium oil-packed anchovy fillets – 3

·        brined capers- 2 teaspoons

·        Dijon mustard- 3 teaspoons

·        large egg yolks- 2

·        prime beef tenderloin, cut into small dice- 10 ounces

·        finely chopped onion- 2 tablespoons

·        finely chopped parsley leaves- 2 tablespoons

·        olive oil- 4 teaspoons

·        dashes hot sauce- 3

·        dashes Worcestershire sauce- 4

·        crushed chili flakes- ¾ teaspoon

·        salt- add as per your taste

Things To Remember- Classic Steak Tartare

Remember to keep the beef covered and refrigerated until you are ready to cook. For thaw the beef, you will have to keep it in the fridge for at least 24 hours if you have cut small pieces and two days if you have large pieces of it.

Prepare all the ingredients beforehand so that you do not have to let the beef put out there in the open. This will attract all the germs and bacteria on it, and the food will get spoilt.

The quantity of the ingredients can change according to your taste. You can change the amount or quantity, or you can also add or remove some ingredients as per your liking.

It is great to use pasteurized eggs as compared to the normal ones. But if you are using the non-pasteurized eggs, then also there is no problem. You will barely feel any change in the taste.

The Classic Steak Tartare Recipe For Home
The Classic Steak Tartare Recipe For Home


Take anchovies, capers, and mustard’ mix them well and store them in a bowl that does not react with them.

Take a spoon or fork and mash the contents of the bowl till they are all evenly mixed up and dissolved into each other.

Put the egg into the mixture and mix it properly.

Take a spatula and mix the ingredients into the mustard mixture until it is evenly mixed.

Take the beef piece and put in in the container with the prepared mixture, and apply it on the piece properly.

Season it properly with salt and pepper.

That is it; you are all ready to go. Serve it hot with bread toasts and French fires and enjoy the dish.