Vivica’s Keto Roast Chicken And Protein For Keto

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Keto Roast Chicken is a favorite among people practicing the Keto Paleo diet. Vivica’s Keto Roast Chicken recipe is full of protein and useful fat. It has very minimum carbs, only attributing to the little herbs. However, it is as little as 1 gram. You might think that there is too much protein in the recipe. Too much protein breaks down to glucose in the body, which can be undesirable. But the amount of protein one can take in is personal to their diet, activity, and metabolism. Classically, a keto meal has almost 30% protein, so the amount of protein one needs is based on their lean body mass. So it is important to measure the protein intake that one needs to have to get the right synchronization.

Vivica's Keto Roast Chicken And Protein For Keto
Vivica’s Keto Roast Chicken And Protein For Keto

Vivica’s Keto Roast Chicken Recipe

Keto chicken roast may sound very complicated, but it is not. It hardly needs five minutes to prep. If you want, you can even make this recipe completely carbs free by not using the herbs. Even with just salt, this recipe will taste as good. 


All the ingredients used in this recipe are organic and natural.

  • whole chicken – 1
  • Rosemary – 2
  • Cloves – 2
  • Sea salt – 1 tbsp.
  • Herbs – 1 tsp.


To make this roast chicken, follow the simple steps give below-

  1. Thaw the chicken to room temperature
  2. Your oven must be pre-heated up to 350 degrees.
  3. Wash the whole chicken thoroughly under cold running water
  4. Place the chicken breast up on the baking pan or glass pyrex.
  5. Place the rosemary and garlic in the chicken cavity
  6. Put the salt and herbs on the chicken
  7. Bake everything for about 1 ½ hour
  8. Check when the skin is brown, and the chicken is ready
  9. Cooking time might vary if the oven temperature is lower than 350
  10. To ascertain readiness, pull the leg apart to see the meat is white and juices are clear
  11. To serve, drizzle the fat from the pan onto the chicken. Pair it with salad or a side dish.
Vivica's Keto Roast Chicken And Protein For Keto
Vivica’s Keto Roast Chicken And Protein For Keto

Some Things To Mind

Protein over intake is a concern for many people. Protein in our body breaks down to glucose through gluconeogenesis. Therefore, the excess protein might lead to extra glucose. The amount of protein that is right for you must is a matter of careful calculation. As stated earlier, the body’s lean mass plays a big part in this calculation. Some things to keep in mind to understand the amount of protein you should take are-

  • If you are relatively inactive, your protein intake should be 0.7 g to 0.8 g per lean pound.
  • In the case of people doing strength training, the amount of protein intake should be .8 g to 1 g per lean pound.
  • For bodybuilders, or people doing high-level strength training, protein intake can go from 1 g to 1.2 g per lean pound.

For insulin-resistant patients, who get hungry frequently, protein is better food than fat. To make the best of the Keto Paleo diet, it is essential we know and understand how it works.

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